Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Year, New Stuff

You know, I could start off with my list of New Year's resolutions that will most likely never come to fruition. Or I could start off with a blathering apology for not posting in so long.

Instead, here's a list of things I've come to realize since my last post...

1. There's a reason I don't work from home. It's spelled C-H-I-L-D-R-E-N.

2. Scientology is almost kinda like Buddhism, but with with more bells and whistles...and lights and dials and electrodes and crazy actors. Okay, maybe it's nothing like Buddhism.

3. Good aim is absolutely essential when chopping firewood.

4. Casablanca really is one of the best screenplays ever written. Really.

5. I must never again pick out movies for my wife and me to watch. Bug was a prime example of this rule.

6. My current screenplay needs more conflict. Much more conflict.

7. Bill Forsyth really should start directing again. But only if he can make something as good or better than Local Hero.

8. There are certain days of the week when all the idiotic drivers converge on the road to randomly cut me off. I haven't yet figured out which days these are.